Top 10 Seemingly Innocent films That Are Actually Terrifying

10. James and the Giant PeachThe film follows young orphan James, who lives with his cruel aunts, Spider and Sponge (scary names, no?) His parents have been killed by a ghostly Rhino coming out of the sky. Throughout the film James encounters skeleton pirates, and is also nearly killed by his abusive aunts before he is saved. Although a beautifully innocent film, there are still moments of terror to be found throughout the movie.9. Pirates of The Caribbean Although Pirates of the Caribbean does not market itself as a happy-go-lucky film filled with rainbows and unicorns, it is still rated PG13 and contains many chilling scenes including hangings of children, and pirates who, no matter how hard you try to kill them, just won’t die. To add to that terrifying fact they also turn into skeletons in the moonlight.8. The Black CauldronWhere to even begin with this film? First off, the evil Horned King is terrifying, and that’s before you realise he is trying to raise the dead to make his army. The scene where the ghosts rise to form his army is one the most terrifying cartoon moments ever. Add in the three mad witches, and you have the recipe for a horror film.7. Spice WorldYou can’t get much more innocent than Spice World. However, if you add in the creepy paparazzo who is constantly trying to take photos of the girls, and even sneaks into their house at night through the toilet, you have yourself a super scary film.6. The WitchesThe Witches of this film have no hair, blue tongues, and sharp claws. Add this to the fact that they have created a secret formula that they have hidden in sweets, turning anyone who eats them into a mouse within two hours. The witches then proceed to stamp on them and kill them. Simply put, the film is petrifying.5. Snow WhiteAn evil stepmother who has magic powers who transforms herself into an old hag so that she can kill her stepdaughter and continue being the most beautiful woman in all the land. This description sounds like a psychotic film that would be horrifying to watch, but it is packaged as a Disney princess movie, and therefore, you go into the film expecting something completely innocent and oh boy, how wrong you are.4. Hocus PocusThe beginning of the film is loosely based around the Salem witch trials and is about a young boy, Thackery Binx, who tries to save his little sister from having the life sucked out of her by three witches. The image of three old witches, sucking the life out of a little girl can only be described as a horrifying sight, especially to a child. Added to the fact that they had just been dancing manically around their creepy cottage, made this scene one of the scariest things Disney has yet to come up with.3. PinocchioThere are scenes in Pinocchio, a beautifully innocent film about an adolescent puppet, that are downright petrifying. The one scene that sticks out in the movie is the nightmare inducing sequence in which Pinocchio and company turn into donkeys. Having been taken to a place called Pleasure Island by a nameless older man, all the boys start to turn into donkeys while playing pool. So moral of the story: If an old man asks you to come with him to somewhere called Pleasure Island, don’t go!2. The Wizard of OzNever mind the Wicked Witch of the West, it’s her flying monkeys that make this film so scary. These blue faced creatures that fly out of the sky in large numbers and attack at the command of a wicked witch can only be described as petrifying.1. CoralineThis film that is rated PG and is still one the most terrifying things you can come across. A brief synopsis of the film goes as such: A young girl, Coraline, finds a door that leads her into parallel world where her life seems perfect. At first glance, this seems like quite a magical story. However, as the film progresses, a sinister undertone begins to enter the film. The film is full of grotesque and terrifying images, the most prominent being an insect like creature who takes on the form of Coraline’s mother, and who also tries to replace children’s eyes with buttons. So, yeah, pretty terrifying.