Top 10 Movie Schools

Rydell High / GreaseThe constant threat of a musical number breaking out on campus like an STI during freshers’ week must be massively ageing, because Rydell's student body are all at least a decade past the appropriate age for matriculation.Horace Green / School of Rock If the events of “School of Rock” took place in real life, you would undoubtedly be deeply repulsed by Jack Black's actions. In fact, you’re relatively repulsed by them anyway, but you still can't deny that School of Rock is a damn good movie.Polly Fector Elementary / Billy MadisonWhile Billy Madison is, entirely unironically, one of the most insanely idiotic movies ever made, you've really got to admire a school that has absolutely no qualms about assimilating a grown man as disturbing as Adam Sandler into their student body. Hill Valley High School / Back to the FutureThere are few things more reassuring than knowing that no matter what kind of crazy time travel you've been getting up to, a fine academic institution like Hill Valley will simply accept the fact that you've decided to just show up and learn some things. Just avoid your mother, okay.Starfleet Academy / Star Trek IXExpand your mind at the school of the future, where great starship captains rub shoulders with brilliant students, and those in red shirts are systematically annihilated. Follow in the footsteps of the great Captain Kirk and you could find yourself bedding sexy alien chicks and conferencing with the worm people in no time.Beverly Hills High / CluelessA school so progressive it effectively served as a microcosm for an ideal world, Beverly Hills High taught Cher and her friends the importance of democracy, debate, and shamelessly manipulating those around you in order to take home better grades. What else?Rushmore Academy / RushmoreWes Anderson's Rushmore Academy indisputably provides everything an individual could ever require in order to achieve self-actualisation. Namely, a kite flying club and the semi-regular presence of Bill Murray.St Francis School / Sister Act 2: Back in the HabitIf there was an award for the school most reccommended to Otwo to include in the top 10 movie schools, the hallowed turf that is St Francis School would win outright. They sing hymns about Jesus in a hip-hop way. What's more cool than that? What, indeed.Hogwarts / The Harry Potter SeriesYou could almost forgive Hogwarts its massive number of student fatalities if it weren't for the fact that no one ever kicks the bucket until that annoying part of the school year that's just after the final exams and just before Voldemort being a well-timed failure gets Gryffindor just enough points to poach the House Cup.Mr Ray's School / Finding NemoAttending Mr Ray's school is a lot like being at college, if you think about it. You've developed a lazy fin, your parents are visibly worried, and your living situation would make the inside of a sea anemone look like a tentacled penthouse. When you factor in your total lack of supervision, it looks likely that you're going to have to repeat SEA10010: Not Touching the Butt. Again.