Top 10 gifts this Christmas

Alexander Andrew counts down the Top 10 gifts for Christmas 201110. The retro handset for your iPhone, bringing you back to the 80’s - Available in HMV: around €259. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Double Play. With a cast of Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and  Tom Hardy, a 7.7 on IMBD, it’s gotta be one for the collection - Pre-order on HMV for around €168. 3D HD Camera. From Panasonic, the Lumix GF2C is lighter and smarter than it’s predecessor. With it’s full HD & 3D ready lens and an inter changeable lense to capture those moments perfectly - Price €500 on panasonic.com7. The late Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasure. With tracks such as The girl from Ipanema on the same album as A song for you, it’s easy to tell the point at which she started going downhill. A sweetly soulful and inspiring stocking filler - Pre-order on for €106. An outrageous Christmas woolly. The more reindeers the better - Topman/Topshop: from €305. Steve Jobs’ biography, by Walter Isaacson who wrote about Benjamin Franklin and Einstein. During it’s first week on sale it rose to the top, becoming one of the 20 best sellers of 2011. And with it’s 571 pages, it’s perfect for the person with everything - Price: €15 on For him: Red Hot Chilli tickets (€59.50). For her: Westlife (€59.50) - Available on ticketmaster.ie3. Call of Duty: MW3. Modern Warfare is simply one of the best games to have come out this year. With the release of GTA5 on the horizon and the hype about Skyrim, it’s still tipped to come out on top. So if your relationship needs a Christmas break, it’s the perfect gift - Price: €49.97 and its available in all good games stores.2. A splash of Marc Jacobs or Chanel? For him: Chanel’s Blue de Chanel (€73) listed on GQ’s top 100 best things to have in the world, and they’re right, with it’s UMPH of a scent it’s all he’ll need to be wearing when that clock strikes midnight. -Available on marcjacobs.comFor her: Daisy (€50). Even though it’s been around for a while, it’s a safe bet when in doubt. With its touch of elegance, sophistication and a ‘pretty’ bottle to top it all off, it’ll keep her happy - Available on The iPad2. Thank you Mr Jobs. Better, faster and stronger, the iPad2 is a ‘must’ this Christmas. With over 60’000 apps and an improved LED backlight display it will definitely keep you entertained on those cold winter nights! - Price: €479, available in Black + White at the online apple store (