Three newspapers banned by City, University of London’s Student Union

THE Student Union of City, University of London has voted in favour of implementing a ban on the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Express.The motion ‘Opposing Fascism and Social Divisiveness in the UK Media’ was one of 15 motions debated by the 182 members of the student union during their annual general meeting which took place on the 17th of November.The decision came about after it was decided that the content of these newspapers encouraged “fascism, racial tension and hatred in society”, meaning the ban could spread to other media outlets.It is unclear how the Student Union intend to implement the ban as currently no shops on campus sell the newspapers.The university is renowned for its school of journalism and was ranked by the Guardian University Guide 2017 as the top university in London for journalism. Many students who have graduated from City University have gone on to be employed by these publications.The decision has received a mixed reaction from students with many journalism students disagreeing and fear the decision may damage the university’s reputation. Some students are petitioning to prevent the ban from going ahead.The Head of Journalism at the university, Professor Suzanne Franks, has stated that students will continue to be allowed to access these publications.