This Month In... 1997

On 6th September, Sir Elton John performed Candle in the Wind at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. The song was originally written and released in 1973 for Marilyn Monroe, who passed away in 1962. After its re-release in 1997, the single became the second best-selling single of all time after Bing Crosby’s White Christmas.On 16th September, after a rollercoaster divorce from her first husband, Mariah Carey releases her sixth album, Butterfly, which gave her a more hip-hop/RnB sound. She collaborated with many famed hip hop producers and rappers, including P. Diddy, Q-Tip and Missy Elliott, will the album receiving praise from critics and fans alike.  On 20th September, U2 played to over 150,000 people at Reggio Emilia in Italy during their PopMart Tour. The elaborate concert tour consisted of a whopping 93 shows and attracted about 3.9 million fans.On 22nd September, Icelandic singer-songwriter, Björk, released her third studio album, Homogenic. This album helped transition her away from her 'pixie' image and towards a darker sound.On 27th September, Bob Dylan performed for Pope John Paul II at a Catholic youth event in Bologna, Italy.On 29th September, The Rolling Stones released Bridges to Babylon. The album reached no. 6 in the UK, no. 2 in France and no. 3 in the US. On the same day, English rock band The Verve released their third studio album, Urban Hymns. One of the tracks on the album, the Grammy nominated Bittersweet Symphony, became involved in a controversial legal dispute. The Rolling Stones believed that they were entitled to the royalties of the song, and as a result they earn the majority of the royalties, as well as getting the credit for its lyrics.