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As the Dublin Fringe Festival rolls into town, offering sexy cabaret and 60 second acts of excitement, Catherine Wilsden speaks to Director Brett Haylock and Jodie O’Neill about what’s in store…Described by producer Brett Haylock as “a sexy anarchic cabaret”, La Clique promises its audience “two hours of pure escapism”.During a two-hour show, La Clique plan to stimulate, shock, and tantalise their audience with a series of intimate performances coming together to create a dangerous, sexy variety show.Audiences can expect the return of David O’Mer, the “daredevil acrobat” and his bathtub, contortionist Captain Frodo ‘the Norwegian Rubber Man’ and his tennis racket, along with The English Gents.The La Clique spectacle will also introduce Irish audiences to juggling comedian Mario Queen Of The Circus who is “more Freddy Mercury than Freddy Mercury himself” according to Haylock.And finally there’s Michelangelo, a larger than life character known as “the nightingale of the Adriatic”, and “the bull of the Balkans”.The show’s format is based on the vaudeville genre so even as the performers push new boundaries it retains a timeless quality.In 2004, the show came together when a group of individual performers travelling with “The Famous Spiegeltent” to various international festivals. They decided that they needed a home so they came together to create La Clique for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.Now La Clique celebrating, its fourth birthday, it has achieved worldwide fame travelling as far as Montreal, Sydney and Melbourne.Make no mistake; this is not the Royal Variety Show. It is not advised to bring your granny, considering the show comes with a ‘may contain nudity’ warning and sells nipple tassles on its website!With La Clique selling almost every city it plays, it seems that for better or worse a revival of the variety show is underway!Magic Moments is an initiative who aim to surprise Dubliners with a series of sixty-second acts that will be performed throughout the course of the festival in various random locations.The project aims to have one Magic Moment every day for sixteen days providing the public with a free snapshot of new, fresh talents from dance to personal monologues.The briefing for submissions was very broad with the only stipulation being that it ‘excite and inspire’ audiences while remaining within the time limit.Creators challenge established and amateur artists alike to work within the confines of one minute and to make a lasting impression upon their audience in a single moment of magic.These people have nothing to lose so are putting themselves and their raw talent on display- whether or not it’s worth stopping to have a look is entirely up to the spectator.La Clique takes place at the Hennessy Spiegeltent, Secret Garden, Iveagh Gardens from 5th - 21st Sep 2008 at 19:00 and 21:00Tickets: €25- €35 available at www.fringefest.comMagic Moments will take place during the Fringe Festival from Sept 6th to 21st at various locations. Free event.