The Votes of the Silent Majority Count

With the end of the American presidential election in sight, Dylan Magner looks at the media's consistent defamation of Donald Trump.So, here we are, at the 11th? ?hour of what will go down as the most controversial, incendiary and certainly divisive presidential election in modern American history. On November 8th? , the votes will be tallied up, and the next president of the most powerful and influential country on earth will be revealed as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.Despite dominating the Republican primaries and holding his own across all three presidential debates political commentators, cynics and left-leaning journalists across the U.S. and beyond, still hold firm in their belief that a Trump presidency is unfathomable. They believe that common sense must prevail and the supposed destructive, fascist antagonist must be kept out of the White House. However, these people could very well be in for a rude awakening next week.
It is important to remember that it is a minority of the population, both literally and ideologically, that dictate the rhetoric which permeates the majority of the mainstream media.
One thing that Brexit proved is that democratic elections are not determined by media propagation, nor are they decided by the leftist morality of political correctness. It’s difficult to remind yourself when you’re reading a New York Times article, or browsing through Google News results about the presidential election, that the overt subjectivism, being passed off as journalistic objectivism, is filtered through a liberal voice.It is important to remember that it is a minority of the population, both literally and ideologically, that dictate the rhetoric which permeates the majority of the mainstream media. Like it or not, Donald Trump is a populist candidate, with an enormous body of supporters numbering in the tens of millions. Like Brexit, Trump’s popularity emphatically proves that journalists and neo-liberal academics do not represent the working men and women in society. Today they are, in fact, the silent majority, silenced by the sudden rise in extreme political correctness.A recent study by the Media Research Centre found that for every unfavourable article about Clinton, there are nine written about Trump, while an astounding 91% of media coverage of the latter is negative.So who are the architects of this neo-liberalism which has stifled free speech and politicised race, gender and sexuality to the point of nausea? The answer may, coincidentally, be found in college campuses across USA and the western world, including UCD. In Arts and Humanities buildings across Ireland, the US and beyond, are the world’s future journalists and college professors: self-righteous, spoiled, clueless hipsters, and third wave feminists with perspectives that lack real-life experience, living in a state of perpetual adolescence. They are the type of people who ‘tweet’ angrily about the pay gap between men and women on an iPhone put together by women in China for next to no money.Don’t think of this as an unrelated cathartic digression, because this is what the election is really about. Why do you think the potential of a nuclear exchange between Russia and a Clinton-run America, the mishandling of classified e-mails or Trump’s bogus university are secondary issues to leaked audio of lad banter? The socio-cultural landscape in which we live in today is shaped by people who think that fat-shaming is a real social problem, that pronoun policing is of the utmost importance, and that my right to use a woman’s restroom because I “identify” as female is a genuine civil rights issue.
Gender has been a primary issue in the election: an issue made by Clinton, who played the gender card whenever possible in an attempt to sway women against voting for Trump.
So, what are the flashpoints of liberalism which the media and political opposition have attempted to use to defame Trump? Take your pick from race (blacks are oppressed, white men are racist), gender (women are oppressed, white men are misogynists) or sexuality (gays are oppressed, white men are homophobic). Gender is probably the most pertinent considering the gender of the person running against Trump. In an article written on this very website, the author claimed Trump’s treatment of Clinton in the debates was evidence of the sexist “glass-ceiling” which still exists in American politics and society. While Trump did, as the author pointed out, interrupt Clinton on more occasions than vice-versa, he failed to mention how often Trump was interrupted by the “partisan” moderators (particularly in the second debate), showcasing his own selective-liberal memory.Gender has been a primary issue in the election: an issue made by Clinton, who played the gender card whenever possible in an attempt to sway women against voting for Trump. Then there’s Trump, whose apparent misogyny knows no bounds. The Miss Universe pageant is, in particular, a prime example of both media bias and fallible third-wave feminist ideology. Let’s get one thing straight, nobody put a gun to Alicia Machado’s head and made her take part in the competition. Nobody forced her to take part in documenting her attempted weight loss. She made those decisions and thus is un-entitled to victimhood. It’s typical of feminists to completely absolve a woman of personal accountability in order to further their own agenda. This idea of “empowering” women by telling them exactly what they can and cannot do and treating them like children is an irony apparently lost on these crusaders for social justice.Fair play to Clinton, the champion of the modern woman, easing this woman’s “pain” by bringing to light her “traumatic” story of fat-shaming and female objectification to hundreds of millions of people who otherwise wouldn’t have known or cared who she was. This is the same woman who campaign’s using the surname of the husband who publicly humiliated her by committing adultery, she is a real champion of feminism and female empowerment. Of course there is the leaked audio, as vulgar as it is, I challenge any man or woman of any sexual orientation to deny any similar thoughts. You would think it a non-issue, and, honestly, an invasion of the man’s privacy, but apparently childish bravado is more important than mishandling classified information on an e-mail server.How about race? America hasn’t been this racially divided since the civil rights movement. Black Lives Matter, a minority group that would have you believe discrimination against blacks in the U.S is rampant and policed by a force which is systemically racist, ignore the fact that three times as many white males are fatally shot by police in America than black males, or that proven cases of black-on-white hate-crimes double white-on-black. Let’s be clear, this is not racist sentiment. The vast majority of black American’s are as appalled by the racist rhetoric of #BlackLivesMatter as anybody else. The point is twofold: one, that racial tensions are being used in an attempt to sway black voters to either party (as if they lack the intelligence to make up their own minds), and two, that groups like this are allowed to operate successfully in the current socio-political climate. Need an example? How about the group demanding and receiving segregated housing in Cal State LA university, an ironic self-inflicted reversal of forced racial segregation which was rampant in America prior to the civil rights movement. This is liberal “progressivism”, a regressive, counterproductive, nonsensical and, quite frankly, dangerous ideology. Why does this group only champion black lives? What about Asian or Hispanic lives? Or better yet native Americans, many of whom are living in deeper poverty and obscurity than any other race in America. These are just semantics, and, moreover, an inconvenient truth when you’re pushing a far-left agenda.In this election every vote counts, including the white male who had been disenfranchised and labelled as “privileged” regardless of his background, along with the majority of blacks who do not feel represented by Black Lives Matter, and the majority of women who do not identify as feminist. These are the silenced majority, the kind of people who are beaten up on college campuses by tolerant “progressives” for sporting a ‘Make America Great Again’ t-shirt; I just hope that those on the far left can themselves accept the result of this election.