Gentlemen, it’s time to stop relying on your sister/mum/girlfriend for style advice; Otwo is here to help find your way through the meandering maze of high street trends and high fashion inspirations. Updating your wardrobe need not be a chore reserved for those panicked moments before a night out or special occasion of some sort. And there’s no need to stick to a uniform; casual dressing doesn’t necessarily mean hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. The high street has much more to offer than your average slogan t-shirt and a pair of runners.

The jeans department of any store may seem overwhelming – hundreds of pairs of seemingly similar looking pairs of denims. What style? What shape? If skinny jeans are too much for you, fear not. Straight styles are a less extreme version and still avoid the baggy nineties look that no one wants to repeat. Stick to darker colours, such as navy blue and maroon, although beige chino-style trousers also work well. Darker denim is generally advisable, as lighter denim does no favours for anyone. In the shoe department, high tops and canvas boat shoes are the more stylish alternative to white runners. Cardigans are a wardrobe stable that don’t have to look like they came out of your granny’s wardrobe, chunky knits in winter colours are a safe bet. They will not only keep you warm through the last of the cold months (well, realistically in this country you’ll be wearing them through until early summer), but they’ll also prove to be a better alternative to your average coloured hoodie. Patterned t-shirts such as the Aztec-style one featured here offer a subtle focal point and are bound to get a compliment or two – assuring you’ll meet those sartorial standards without your clothes screaming out for attention. Cheeky retro-style prints such as this ET one are also an easy way to add interest to what you’re wearing, whether you’re recycling an old favourite or picking it up for a few euro in a bargain basement.

Accessorising can be kept simple with a woollen scarf or a leather belt: the simpler, the more effective. This will set off block colours, simple stripes and layered tops. There’s no need to over-stylise or look too polished by making an effort with your wardrobe; simple polo shirts and well cut jeans are all you need to look like you haven’t just rolled out of bed and thrown on whatever you have on the floor. Well, maybe you have – but the clothes on your floor just happen to be remarkably well co-ordinated and stylish … apart from a few beer stains perhaps.