The Humble Aboah

Shane Cullen discusses how Adwoa Aboah is this year’s most exciting force in fashion.Adwoa Aboah may not be a name that immediately springs to mind when drawing up a list of catwalk features, but by the end of this year that looks set to change. British model and activist Aboah has just signed a partnership deal to become the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. At just 25, Aboah is on her way to paint the town red, with lipstick.Marc Jacobs and Aboah are more than first-time acquaintances, sharing a relationship that began when Jacobs gave Aboah her first ever New York Fashion Week show. Aboah will now be at the forefront of Jacobs’ campaigns for “Le Marc,” a lip crayon. It launches next month and aims to achieve an easier application of colour. The Marc Jacobs Beauty team also features famous faces including Winona Ryder and Kaya Gerber.When she’s not gracing the catwalks, Aboah is a busy force in feminist activism. Now running its second year, Aboah is the founder of a platform called “Gurls Talk,” an online space dedicated to young women and men expressing their voices on a variety of life topics such as mental health. What started off as an Instagram account for sharing stories has now expanded into a brand, and a festival that took place in July of this year. “Gurls Talk” was prompted by Aboah’s personal life, as she shared stories of her own struggles with drug addiction and mental health issues.As Vogue celebrates its first issue with newly-appointed editor Edward Enninful, Aboah reaches a new peak in her career as she makes a bold presence on December’s front cover. Speaking to Enninful in the latest issue, Aboah talks about becoming a recognisable figure: “There is newfound love and space for activism within fashion,” she tells Enninful. “I never would have dreamt in a million years that I would have young girls coming up to me and telling me how much Gurls Talk or seeing my picture in a magazine means to them.”Whether it’s working on New York Fashion Week, being an activist, or being a cover girl for Vogue, Aboah has her sights firmly set on success. Using her rising status to promote discussion on issues for young women and men is what sets Aboah apart from her peers. As the fashion world begins to build hype for 2018, Adwoa Aboah will be the one to wear the crown.