Column: Heathers

Hello everyone,

So our last article left off around the end of our Irish tour and we’ve been quite busy since. We’ve been doing a lot of songwriting which has been nice! This time last year we were living in London recording our album Kingdom so it’s good to be home this autumn.

We haven’t done a huge amount of writing since then so it’s great to have time for it now. And making it even more interesting is the fact that we’re not just writing for ourselves. The publishing deal we have means we get to write for other artists and that brings with it its own challenges, but it’s also a lot of fun!

We played on RTÉ’s radio show South Wind Blows this week. We had such a lovely night. It had a very Jools Holland feel to it and we got to play alongside some very talented musicians such as Damien Dempsey, Delorentos, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Ed Romanoff and SOAK. Still haven’t bumped into Gay Byrne, but one can wish. If you feel like checking out any of these bands, you definitely should!

Our wonderful band-mates Tom and Boomer are returning to Ireland this week for some practising and music-ing. We’ll be getting set for some dates in December which we’ll be announcing over the next few weeks. Very exciting!

Most importantly, Hallowe’en is approaching. Our most hated and loved time of year. This year we’ve decided to go all out. It’s either going to be Tia and Tamara of Sister Sister or Cilla Black and Cilla Black of Blind Date. We tend to stay indoors on the night itself as Louise has an irrational fear of bonfires but we may just venture out this year.  After hearing that the County Council decided last year to give estates daffodil bulbs if they agree to leave the bonfires out of it, I think it’s about time to greet the holiday with open arms.

I’d like to take this moment to recall something which our school principal used to say to us every Halloween in primary school. Please be safe, don’t get blown up by fireworks and don’t jump into any bonfires!

Until next time,

Ellie and Louise xxx