The Gin-fluence

If you consider yourself a true spirit connoisseur, you’ve surely taken a dive into the new trend of elegant drinking. That is the skillfully concocted and artistically presented G&T. If the smooth, refreshing gulp of a freshly-made cucumber and mint gin and tonic doesn’t make your worries take a break, nothing can. With as many as 30 gin brands being distilled in Ireland now, and certain growth in the coming years, it is undoubtedly the next big thing in the realm of spirits. Gone are the days of G&Ts with Hendrick’s and Schweppes, with a lemon wedge and, on occasion, juniper berries as garnishes. The ‘classic’ G&T has been replaced by aesthetically pleasing gin cocktails with fancy tonic water, most likely infused with elderflower, garnished with cucumber swirls and grapefruit wedges. None of the dainty decorations diminish the potency of this cool intoxicating drink; only enhancing your Instagram likes.
'’The ‘classic’ G&T has been replaced by aesthetic gin cocktails with fancy tonic water, most likely infused with elderflower’’
The gin scene in Dublin is on the rise and now’s the time to occasionally swap your pint with seemingly finicky, but way less calorific, gin cocktails. There are several bars offering a variety of spruced up G&Ts from zesty overtones to subtle floral accents. There have even been a few gin-centric events in the city like the World Gin Day in June. Some popular activities amongst gin patrons are the Gin School Experience tour in Drogheda. Lemon & Dukes have an inventive gin tasting menu, while the Mint Bar in The Westin has gin-themed Friday evenings. The Porterhouse on Nassau Street serves an array of deftly mixed G&Ts like Cucumber Collins, using indigenously distilled and quite a herbaceous Dingle Gin. An ever-famous spot is The Gin Palace on Abbey Street, with nearly 300 varieties of gin on offer, deeming it an almost gin Mecca. The only downside to this heavenly concoction is the price, which is substantial enough to make you stop after one or two. But even that could be a positive because it helps you savour the drink in hand, take in the undercurrent of electric buzz after sipping a quarter of it. With innovative mixologists coming up with an array of combinations there is a whole world of G&Ts to explore. My next experiment will surely be Porterhouse’s Habanero Bitters-infused G&T, with the exciting marriage of spice and cool gin.