Artist: The Coop
Album: Sorry To Bother You
Grade: B+

For their first album in six years, The Coop continues their development from plain hip hop group to Outkast -like levels of genre hopping that begun on 2006’s Pick a Bigger Weapon, incorporating funk,punk, rock and the sheer random.There’s an accordion solo on ‘We’ve Got a Lot to Teach You, Cassius Green’. Hell, there’s a kazoo on ‘Your Parent’s Cocaine’. The guestlist reflects this eccentricity; alongside the usual indie rap favourites such as Killer Mike and Das Racist there’s Justin Sane of the punk band Anti-Flag.
Boots Riley remains as committed a Marxist as ever though, criticising the education system, lambasting fake rebels and taking the piss out of filthy rich kids along the way. He takes a detour from agitating on ‘Violet’ for a tender love song with some beautifully poetic moments but otherwise it’s strictly socialist. The tone is by times hopeful, angry and tongue in cheek. While the message remains constant throughout the album, humour and sexuality are used to keep it from getting stale.A good example of this is the album opener ‘The Magic Clap’ which contains the line ‘Tell homeland security we are the bomb’.
Political without being preachy, aggressive but danceable, Sorry To Bother You may be preaching to the converted but it makes revolution sound like one hell of a party. As the man himself would say ‘Electro magnetic with a bomb aesthetic’.

In a Nutshell: Revolutionary funk.

By: Niall Higgins