Deirdre Flannery meets Alex Trimble of upcoming Northern boys Two Door Cinema Club

Tipped as the ones to watch for 2010, the decade has certainly started with a bang for Bangor boys, Two Door Cinema Club. BBC and NME have been full of critical acclaim, while king of cool Kanye West has helped their cause by posting their video on his blog. With everyone wanting a piece of the trio – who have yet to release their debut album – expectations are soaring.

Front man Alex Trimble tells otwo how the group are handling the pressure. “There is definitely potential for things to get on top of you, but we try to focus on what’s happening now, and not to think too far ahead. In the past few months, a lot of attention has been put on us but that hasn’t affected what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis. If you think about it too much it will just get the better of you.”

Alex is also quick to swat away suggestions that the band have been an overnight success, and credits their current foray into the limelight to the hard work the group have done to promote themselves. “We’ve been playing together since we were about fifteen, we’ve worked really hard and it’s just starting to pay off now. We sorted everything out ourselves, we got as many phone numbers as we could, and just got our name out there to the people in the industry.”

While other native music makers have never progressed past playing the UCD Ball, TDCC have become one of the first Irish bands for years to play the NME tour and are signing a record deal across the Atlantic. Far from emerging out of a vacuum, however, Alex insists that TDCC have merely lifted the lid on a music scene that has been bubbling away for quite some time in Northern Ireland, citing And So I Watch You From Afar and General Fiasco as ones to watch.

Alex also reveals a side project the group have developed: remixing other bands’ work. “It started out as a hobby, but my remixes started getting a bit of attention on the internet and from that I got asked to do some more. It’s a great thing to do on tour, it takes your mind off the travelling!”

Produced by the man who brought us Bjork and Little Boots, Tourist History is sure to fly off the shelves. It seems Two Door Cinema Cub are no one trick pony, and that maybe we can believe the hype.