The Best Boba in Dublin

Image Credit: The Aden Manalo Collection

Ellie Hanan Moran explains which are the best bubble tea spots in Dublin and why.

As someone with a frankly embarrassing bubble tea addiction (I own loyalty cards for at least four different places), I would consider myself something of an expert on where to find the best bubble tea.

Best for milk tea and tapioca

Maneki Tea Talk has to take the prize for this one. Their classic Brown Sugar Milk Tea is a staple in my diet at this point and their tapioca has more of a brown sugar taste than the sometimes liquorice-y version in other shops. They have several branches, but the most central is near St Stephen’s Green and The Little Museum of Dublin. They can also boast delicious fizzy fruit teas in their Mojito range, and of course the fabulous Slush range, which is like a slushie but with actual blended fruit in it and if you want, a layer of salted milk foam on top. For fans of popping boba and coconut jelly, they also have an impressively wide range of flavours – my favourite are cherry and blueberry for popping boba and pineapple for coconut jelly.

Best bubble waffles

For this it’s a toss-up between Tea Time on Cecilia Street (right beside the Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum) and Only Bubble Waffle & Bubble Tea in Merchant’s Arch. Only Bubble probably has the best waffles, but if you want a drink and waffles in the one place, I would recommend Tea Time, because their drinks are much nicer and there is very little difference in the waffles. On top of that, Tea Time offer warm drink options, a Slush range wider than Maneki’s, and the loveliest staff of all time. They also play absolute bops while you’re waiting.

Best for atmosphere

Nana’s Tea, located on Wexford street, has the absolute best vibes for sitting in of any bubble tea place I’ve visited. Incredibly cute wall paintings, a screen showcasing their wide variety of drinks, many of which are not options in most boba places, and the calm environment, make for an ideal place to meet a friend for a chat. They are also one of the few places that offer warm drinks as an option, making it a go-to spot all year round. Among the more uncommon options they offer are sago, yogurt drinks and my favourite, mochi drinks (both the strawberry and the chocolate – called ‘ovaltine’ – are amazing). Though they didn’t offer popping boba for a long time, it has been added to their menu within the past few months, so there really is something for everyone.

Check out these places and see if you agree!