A great sporting summer? Fresh out of his summer slumber, The Badger doesn’t think so.


THE glorious Irish summer has slowly morphed into the crushing reality of the first weeks of term. All of the hopeful freshers are soon to be weighed down – which will mimic the Irish sporting summer really.

The main event? The Olympics. Once again there was controversy with those meddling Russians in the boxing. Social media was abuzz with cries of cheating and unfairness but failed to notice the Irish boxing judge that was sent home early from Brazil.

No, instead the entire island of Ireland became rowing and sailing experts. But the Badger had some INCREDIBLE tickets for the rowing final! It’s funny when dictators get brought down, isn’t it Pat? John Delaney’s time is running out. The Brazilian police and, more importantly, the Badger is watching.

We had Dundalk getting through to the Champions League playoff only for your average Joe Soap that supports Man United or Liverpool to chastise actual League of Ireland fans for wanting them to lose.

The glory of the European Championships, which saw England crash out to Iceland in embarrassing fashion, giving us Irish a grand aul chuckle. ‘Haha, delited for rooney and the queen give us our counties back’ says the same Man United fan who’ll cheer for Rooney next weekend.

Tipperary had one of the greatest All-Ireland final performances in history, but then John ‘Bubbles’ O’Dwyer decided he wanted to go viral. The man whose nickname came from a monkey proving that the average IQ of a Tipp hurler is similar to that of a primate.

Speaking of primates, the Notoriously Nauseating Conor McGregor won another fight and became the greatest fighter in the history of anything ever, taking on all comers in the aftermath from John Cena to his uncle Harambe.

And to cap it all off, the Irish football team had one of the worst performances that this omnivore has ever seen. Away to an Eastern European side, it looked at times like Daryl Murphy had indulged in a little bit of the Serbian lifestyle – or that could just be what he runs like normally. The Badger isn’t sure. It’s almost as if the rigorous warm up friendly against Oman failed to prepare Martin O’Neill’s men for a genuine opponent.

Who better for Robbie Keane to finish his international career (albeit three years too late) against than a Middle-Eastern side that couldn’t even beat an Irish club’s reserves? That game was almost as pointless as being a Mayo fan in September…