The Badger 19-02-2013

This week, the Badger deals with the disappointment of Valentine’s DayThe Badger has had a tough few weeks. From Ireland’s horrible loss to England in the Six Nations to the even worse story of Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend, the recent sporting news has not been great. This is probably the secondary effect of Valentine’s Day, as Valentine was both the patron saint of love and plagues.But between these horrendous stories, was a game that promised so much. It was the clash of two titans of European football, and it couldn’t possibly let us down. We finally had Ronaldo facing his former club, after he left them for £80million a few summers ago. On top of that, it was Mourinho against Ferguson, arguably the two best coaches in world football.The Badger must admit that he was asleep for the first half, such was the excitement from the night before that the Badger over slept until 8.30pm the following night. It happens, as a mainly student readership will no doubt attest to. At least the Badger has the excuse of being nocturnal and not just an English student.The Badger turned on the match to see that the score was 1-1. He wondered who had scored the goals. Obviously any logical being would have thought it was Ronaldo and either Rooney or Van Persie, but that’s why logic is stupid, since it was Danny Welbeck who scored for the team from Manchester.Not only had Welbeck scored, but he was playing a blinder according to the Badger’s Twitter feed. The Badger sat back, waiting for the second half, deciding that the only way to believe Welbeck’s performance was to see it.Unfortunately for Welbeck, he could not handle the pressure of the Badger watching him and he did not do much in the second half. In fact, pretty much all the players must have felt the weight of expectation as the second half was dull, to say the least.The one player who stood out was Ángel di María, but he was punished for his creativity by Mourinho and was substituted just when Madrid really needed him. The match finished 1-1 and the Badger was left feeling disappointed.Maybe the football hipsters were right, maybe the Badger should have watched the Shakhtar/Dortmund game, which finished 2-2 after Dortmund scored a last minute goal. It certainly would have been more entertaining than what the Badger saw of the game in the Bernabéu. Regardless, the Badger will be waiting patiently for Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford.