The Badger – 04/02/2014

This week, The Badger discusses the sudden surge of American Football fans in Ireland, BOD, and hideous sporting kits.As a part-time Manchester United fan, the Badger is delighted at the recent record-signing of Juan Mata from rivals Chelsea. The Spaniard is a welcome addition to what looked to be a sinking ship at Old Trafford and the Badger thinks the top four might be just within reach for the Red Devils. He really was hot property at Chelsea over the last couple of seasons.Speaking of hot, everyone seems to be talking about the Superbowl. This is the week where every Irish man and woman around the country feigns interest and knowledge in American football so that they can impress during the Superbowl.In reality, these jokers couldn’t tell the difference between a quarterback and a quarter-pounder. The Badger thinks the Broncos will win because they have a really great fourth-down de-fence. Okay, maybe the Badger is bluffing too. Those American footballers really do have serious bods though.While we’re on the subject of BODs, the Badger feels it’s only right to give a special mention about the great Brian O’Driscoll in this week’s column. Arguably Ireland’s greatest ever rugby player, the Leinster man is heading into his final Six Nations tournament.It would be great if the boys in green could send off O’Driscoll in style, although perhaps our chances of victory would be greater if it were just the ‘Three Nations’ with ourselves, Scotland and the mighty Italy. Ireland could bring the panache to the Three Nations, the Scots could be the stereotypical tough nuts and the Italians are always good for a strong fashion statement.This fashion was exemplified by Serie A club Napoli when they recently revealed their new camouflage kit. In the Badger’s esteemed opinion the kit looks like a combination between used boxers and stale cheese; it truly is awful.The Badger has been around for quite some time and vividly remembers the hideous grey Manchester United kit in 1996; the one they had to change at half-time of a game because the players claimed they couldn’t see each other. Now there’s a kit designer who was more than likely relived of his duties.That shade of grey was nearly as dull as this winter that the Badger has been forced to weather, and now his fat supplies are running low. He’s relieved that this it’s nearly over.Spring can’t come quick enough and although the Badger has the Winter Olympics to look forward to in Sochi, there is no hiding the fact that the Badger is eagerly anticipating the World Cup in Brazil this summer. It’s about time the great Cristiano Ronaldo had an impressive international tournament to add to his already impressive CV.Another highlight in the 2014 sporting calendar for the Badger is undoubtedly going to be the Ryder Cup, which takes place in Scotland in September. The Badger always enjoys the tournament that breeds good comebacks. Good comebacks mean good odds on underdogs. Anyway, here’s hoping Europe can pull off another impressive win.The Badger thinks there is a real sense of togetherness felt when you get to support an entire continent. Now would you look at this, the Badger is getting all soppy and emotional. That definitely means it’s time to wrap it up.Badger out.