A selection of poetry by UCD student Tadgh Dolan



Walking the sands
Of your hometown
My toes tremble
Under the cobblestones
Your hands helped pave.

The air hits
But I resist the urge
To pull at your jacket
And be carried in your arms.

Reaching the banks
The tide moves
Inwards and out
Carrying on its back
The weight of the world.

You always understood,
Why the lighthouse stood vacant
Now I,
Through unworn eyes
Must come to my own conclusion
And think of an answer
That can satisfy
The mind of a child.

As I think back
To childhood days
I remember the gap
When tide nor current
Could push us to speak.

An infant
Who once stood on your shoulders
Became petulant
As wealth
Seeded an avarice
That lures men to a devilish cauldron

You are not to blame.

Now looking behind me,
I see,
Country, child & father.

And you,
The Sheppard of the hill.



It almost seems redundant
To associate a Mother
With any other word
but –


Perfumed in your skin
From an early age, you learn
To empathise with others
In a world that is often cold

You hold your child
Like a gift from God
From him
You create a world
As if Adam & Eve had been reborn

You stay by our side
As we insist
You look under the bed
For a monster, that only you can slay

You nurture us,
As even through adolescence
We push and kick, as an infant would
To break the bond
That Mother Nature intended

You cry,
As we walk down the silken aisle
To meet our own fate
And begin a family of our own

In those tender moments
When against all odds
Your heart breaks & strains
We hope to use
The light, you gave to us
To burn away the demons
That causes your hair to grey

On this day
When God gave you to me
I remind myself of the bond
Mother/ Nature/ Child

– Courage.


One Day

If I were to live for one day,
I would live it without fear

I would chase love- actively
I would run – endlessly
And laugh so hard that my sides spilt in two.

I would dance in public
Call my Dad,
Tell him that I love him
And introduce him to the man
That had made my life so complete.

I would go to the park
– alone
With nothing
But a mirror in my hand
And watch as the sun bounces
Its rays off the neighbouring fields.

I’d sit
Looking in that mirror
And say these three words
With honesty
For the first time in my life

“I love you.”

As the night came
My soul could rest
That I had loved somebody with all of my heart.



Silence ends our pleas of tolerance
Acceptance singing its way
Through empty streets.

With lovers eyes,
We meet
As if for the first time.

No longer are we hidden
Beneath floorboards

Our happiness left alone
To blossom
In the midnight air.


The Orchard Tree

Beneath the orchard tree
Hides a lovers tale,
Amidst debris and fallen leaves of green.

Tears embroiled in the bark
Still etched within the lovers heart
Echoes in the wind,

Causing the willow to grin.