SWP in corrupt abuse of student services

Originally published in Volume V, Issue 5 on 2nd December by Observer Reporter. This week it emerged that the Socialist Workers’ Party have been using the UCD Student forum to send free post. The system was easily abused as the socialist workers were able to send their post with the student socialist workers society’s post. Mr. Paddy O’Flynn, chair of the forum, has confirmed that the socialist workers were the political party discussed at the last meeting of the forum in relation to an abuse of the free postal system. He also confirmed that the college’s postal service became aware of the situation when post was returned and therefore opened to ascertain the society to which it belonged. It then became clear that it was not belonging to the student branch of the Socialist Workers Party but instead the national party itself. Mr. O’Flynn was present at the first general assembly of the forum in which the issue was discussed. “We are issuing a general caution to societies. There was never a formal agreement with college but they cover the cost of society and club funding. If someone was abusing the system, the concession would be removed.” The Student Consultative Forum has enjoyed free post courtesy of the college for the past number of years. There were no members of the student socialist workers society present at the meeting. Mr. O’Flynn added “it may have been an oversight on the part of the party concerned.” The Socialist Workers’ Party centre said “if you want us to give you an official line it is we know nothing about it.” The spokesperson who the University Observer spoke to said she would not put us through to a person in charge or someone who could take responsibility for this situation because “we are not a hierarchical society.”