The UCD Swim team competed at the Swedish Grand Prix in Uppsala, Sweden on January 25th and 26th. The competition is the club’s first experience competing on the international stage and the 11-strong team broke multiple club records over the course of the two-day event.

The meet, which was held at the Fyrishov In Arena, saw UCD’s Shani Stallard bag herself a gold medal in the 200m individual medley swim and a silver in the 400m individual medley event.

Speaking about her preparations for the competition, Stallard, who was a member of the Irish team at the European Championships last year, highlighted the hard work that was put into the training camp paying off for all involved.

“There was a two week period that was just so tough, both physically and mentally, but we all stuck through it and I feel we got our first bit of reward for it.”

Other team members also had a successful event, with Shauna O’Brien winning bronze and silver in the 100m and 50m butterfly event. David Prendergast, meanwhile, also bagged himself a third place finish and a bronze medal in the 50m freestyle.

Speaking about the team’s performance at the competition in Sweden, UCD Swimming coach Earl McCarthy said, “The atmosphere was exactly what I wanted the team to experience, that feeling of swimming fast abroad and racing some of the best.”

The UCD Swimming Club’s next competition will see them traveling to Bangor, Co. Down to participate in the Dave McCullagh Memorial Gala, which will take place between February 28th and March 2nd.

The Dave McCullagh Memorial Gala provides the club with further competition experience before they go to the National Championships in April. Before that event in April, UCD Swimming Club will have a two week training camp overseas where they will undergo their final preparations before attempting to qualify for the European Championships, which are being hosted in Berlin in August of this year.

Swedish Grand Prix 1 (Uppsala)—UCD Results:

100m Freestyle Men:

5th Brian O’Sullivan 53.25

6th David Prendergast 53.30

8th Seamus Stacey 54.28


100m Butterfly Women:

3rd Shauna O’Brien 1:03:07


100m Backstroke Men:

5th Brian O’Sullivan 59.19

7th David Prendergast 1:01.32


50m Backstroke Women

14th Dayna Clegg 33.49


200m Butterfly Men

10th Jack Keogh 2:16.95


200m Medley Women

1st Shani Stallard 2:21.52


400m Freestyle Men

4th Seamus Stacey 4:09.25


50m Freestyle Women

6th Shauna O’Brien 27.60


800m Freestyle Women

4th Lisa Comerford 9:27.08


200m Backstroke Women

7th Shani Stallard 2:29.55

10th Dayna Clegg 2:30.44


100m Freestyle Women

9th Shauna O’Brien 59.79


200m Freestyle Men

9th Seamus Stacey 1:56.9


50m Breaststroke Women

10th India McGlynn 5.43


400m Medley Women

2nd Shani Stallard 5:03.5


100m Butterfly Men

11th Jack Keogh 1:00.75


50m Backstroke Men

9th David Prendergast 28.80


200m Medley Men

7th Brian O’Sullian 2:12.84


50m Freestyle Men

3rd David Prendergast 24:58

8th  Brian O’Sullivan 25.25

11th Michael McCarthy 25.19


50m Butterfly Women

2nd  Shauna O’Brien 28.31

11th India McGlynn 29.42