Super Macs

Apple has previewed its new line of hardware and software and, according to Bridget Fitzsimons; Mac is the only way to goApple’s announcement of its new products was met with the typical excitement. Often, people who don’t use Mac see the hysteria that surrounds new products as needless and childish. This could not be further from the truth. Simply put, once you go Mac, you never go back.There seems to be a mentality among certain technology users that aesthetics are not hugely important. Before comparing performance, Apple beats its competitors in terms of aesthetics so simply and so easily. The newly previewed Macbook Air looks simply stunning.While Macbook Air has not taken off as Apple had hoped it would, its new images are still suitably impressive. They portray a single hand, holding the computer at its end, showing off both its insignificant weight and its elegant tapered shape. In comparing any Apple product to its next bestselling counterpart, the aesthetic differences are so clear. Apple’s clean, concise and fun designs consistently beat out competitors. Although aesthetics are not the most important thing in regards to technology, Apple’s clean lines add to the accessibility of their products.To focus on aesthetics would be pointless, because even though they are so obvious, Apple’s true victory over its competitors lies in the sheer simplicity of its software. Upon first using a Mac, I was struck by how quickly I became used to its operating system. The ease at which I transitioned from PC to Mac was startling.I really am not known for my technological prowess, but very soon, using a PC became a laborious chore. It seemed as if my laptop at home was riddled with technological boundaries, set simply to waste my time and trip me up. I missed the shortcuts and easy searches of the Mac, as well as how easy it was to place things, drag and drop and find programmes and applications. It wasn’t long before I had near-bankrupted myself to get a new Macbook. I definitely saw it as an investment.This is why Apple is so enduring and superior and their new hardware and software reflects this. In addition to them being extremely aesthetically pleasing, the way in which Apple products work is so user friendly. It seems as if other operating systems and softwares go out of their way to be obtrusive. Only a Mac user knows the frustration of having to use a PC after a long, blissful period of using your trusty Macbook.In terms of the new software announced by Apple, the most exciting is clearly Lion, which will be the new operating system. Lion will follow on from Snow Leopard to make Mac one of the most easy and innovative operating systems. New layouts mean that Lion will make Macs more like an iPhone or iPad. What Apple call the Launchpad will be available on a Mac desktop and will make accessing apps far easier. Of course, because it’s Apple, everything just looks a bit prettier than the operating system before it.Lion seems to add far more accessibility to what is already a highly accessible and easy to navigate platform. On this vein, Apple have also released previews of the upcoming iLife ’11, which seems to have had each of its facets improved. Like Lion, appearance and accessibility is key, thus cementing Apple and Mac at the top of the leaderboard in terms of accessible computing.In addition to the two software updates, the Macbook Air, mentioned above, has far more going for it than you may think. An improved trackpad is promised. While it is easy to be dismissive of a laptop that has no CD drive, it is important to remember that Apple were the first to get rid of the now redundant floppy disc drive. It’s almost as if Apple are computing gods, deciding what technologies are renounced as redundant.In addition, the removal of the CD drive allows for a sleeker design as well as a lighter laptop, which leads to ease of transport. We all know the pain of carrying a heavy laptop around classes all day.Simply put, Apple is king of computers. Sure, there are issues surrounding gaming, but this is becoming easier as more companies are beginning to release versions of games that are supported by Mac. It is baffling that people continue to use PCs. Given that there are barely any viruses for Macs, the move is logical. There is extra cost involved, of course, but this pays back in dividends with the lessened stress you will feel as a Mac user.Both iLife ’11 and Lion are set to be released next summer and the new Macbook Air is available now. It’s time to stop selling yourself short and make the leap to Mac. You’ll never look back.