Summer News in Brief

A round up of the news from UCD over summer 2012UCD Library Opening Hours cutThe decision to cut the James Joyce Library opening hours has been met with criticism from UCD Students’ Union President, Rachel Breslin. The library, which is now closed on a Sunday, was formerly open 7-days a week.“I think that the cutting of the library hours is something that will have a negative impact on student studying patterns, on student routine, and then thus as a consequence of that, on student’s results and academic performance,” says Breslin. “I do think it’s a very serious issue. A 7-day library is something that is so important for a university of our standard and our academic ambition.”Budget restraints have seen every department take a 5% cut, and question marks were raised as to whether it was necessary to open the library on a Sunday. “We plan on asking students what they found the 7-day library was like,” says Breslin. “It could be the case that students didn’t find it [the 7-day library] that useful; how many of them were taking out books as opposed to how many were just studying in the library, because there might be another way we can make up that difference, through a 24-hour study room that wouldn’t take the same drain on resources.”<