UCD Suas Society will attempt to break the world record for the biggest game of Twister this week.

The event is being organised by Suas in conjunction with UCD Ents, and will take place tomorrow Wednesday 17th February on the artificial rugby pitches adjacent to the Sports Centre.


Speaking to The University Observer, Suas’s Dave Hegarty expressed his hopes for a large turnout of students, adding that he felt that there was a “good buzz around campus” for the event, and expressing his satisfaction that a large amount of people seemed to be aware of the event before posters had been put up.

Hegarty stated that although there was no particular inspiration behind the decision to attempt to break this particular world record, he and the other members of the Suas society had always hoped to stage a big event to coincide with Rag Week.

Hegarty also explained that the organisers had had to seek a special order of mats from MB, the manufacturers of the Twister game, in order to collect the 720 mats needed to break the record. These mats will be placed side-by-side across the pitches to form a giant Twister board which will be used to create the mat for the game.

Tickets for the world record Twister attempt, which are priced at €3, can be purchased from the venue at the day of the event. The current world record for the largest game of Twister was played on 4,699 square feet of mats by fraternity students at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, who constructed a board measured 128ft x 119ft.

This event will not be the first attempt made by UCD students at breaking a world record.  As part of Commerce Day 1990, a giant Christmas card measuring nine metres by six metres when closed, and nine metres by twelve metres when opened, was made by students to help raise money for communications equipment for a local health clinic. More recently, in 2006, Science student Liam O’Reilly broke the world record for most hugs received in an hour (727) as part of a fundraising initiative for that year’s Science Day.

This year’s Rag Week will see events taking place across the campus throughout the week. A number of charities are involved in organizing the events, including Suas, UCD St Vincent De Paul, Amnesty International, the IPA Society, Rotaract, UCD Volunteers Overseas, and Gaisce. All proceeds from Rag Week events will be divided amongst these charities.

UCD Ents has also organised 13 different events for the week, including Rag Ball, a headphone disco and a charity slave auction.