SU referendums pass with total 'Yes' votes over 90%

Both UCDSU referendums have been passed by an overwhelming majority. The policy referendum on marriage equality passed with 97% voting 'Yes', in a total valid poll of 3224. With the total poll surpassing quorum, the Union has been given a strong mandate to campaign on the 'Yes' side of the national marriage equality referendum. Grace Williams, who managed the 'Yes' campaign alongside Melanie O'Donovan and LGBTQ+ auditor Louise Keogh, released a statement saying: "I’m over the moon with both the turnout and the amount of students who said yes to marriage equality. We have sent a strong statement that the student voice will be heard at this referendum and that we are strongly in favour of this measure passing. This gives us a great mandate to campaign going into the national referendum."The constitutional referendum also passed with 95% voting 'Yes' and over 3048 valid votes cast. Conor Rock, one of the campaign managers of the 'Yes' vote has said that the passage of the two referendums "really gives the SU a good platform to campaign nationally in the marriage equality referendum this coming May" and "shows the general consensus from students that the amendments to the SU's constitution were both needed and wanted."Results released by UCDSU show a higher turnout for the marriage equality referendum than the consitutional reform, with marriage equality's total valid poll 153 votes higher.Correction: This article originally stated that Sam Blanckensee served as campaign manager for the 'Yes' marriage equality alongside Grace Williams. Grace Williams, Louise Keogh and Melanie O'Donovan were in fact the campaign managers.[caption id="attachment_36404" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Final results of UCDSU's referendums Final results of UCDSU's referendums[/caption]