SU President raises concerns over Student Bar’s projected losses

Following a Bar Committee meeting held on Monday February 20th, at which an estimate of the Bar’s accounts from July to December were made available, Students’ Union President Pat de Brún stated that “at the minute the figures aren’t finalised so I can’t say what they are yet but there is some cause for concern and I do have some concerns about the long-term planning for the bar. It just means that there’s going to be a lot of work there for all involved on the Management Committee and the management of the bar itself.”De Brún further stated that despite his faith in the figures presented to the Bar Committee, he was reluctant to give the figure at which the bar was estimated to be at a loss of, based on a preliminary draft. Additionally, he didn’t feel that he had the authority to release the full figures without the consent of the committee “as I have no more authority than anyone else on the committee.”He admits that the Bar is projected to make a loss of less than 50,000 euro, but insists that any figure he could provide would be inaccurate, “all we have is estimates for half a year – it’s July to December: six months – that’s all we have. I have a figure of that and we’re estimating the overall figure for the year based on a simple multiplication by two – but there are plenty of variables with the first and second half of the year, they do varying business. It would be wrong to try and guess any further.”He denied allegations that the Bar, including the wages of Bar staff, was directly funded by the Students’ Union in previous years due to a mismanagement of funds. However, he speculated that due to the manner through which the accounts were managed in the past, a possibility existed that money was lent between various different outlets, such as between the shops and the Union Corridor or vice-versa, which may have included the bars.“I’m expecting something to come back with a balance that’s owed between the various different entities that can be finalised. Potentially, there could have been a time in the past, a week or two weeks, when monies were paid, when the monies weren’t in the bar account. Certainly, they were never funded by the Union, even if they were administered via the Union – that money was the bar money. The Union never in any way subsidised wages for bar staff.”The University declined to comment on the matter.