SU Elects: Campaigns Race Analysis

Campaigns and Engagement is only opposed race in this years Sabbatical Election, with two candidates contesting the position

Both Corley and Bauer have extensive prior Student Union experience, with both having been College Officer in their respective constituencies. Bauer has built on this experience further, by going on to be a Campaigns Coordinator with the union, however Corley’s perspective, having not been involved in the union in the early stages of his degree, does lend him an additional perspective when trying to increase engagement with students.

Both highlight engagement as the first priority of the role, however Bauer outpaces Corley in regards planning on this aspect of their manifestos. While Corley highlighted his experience in bridging the engagement gap in his constituency, Bauer has much more defined plans on how to bring that engagement campus wide, highlighting larger organisations and student bodies that could be used to bridge that gap on a wider scale.

Bauer also appeared to be more prepared when discussing the needs of the union and students in the next year. Both mentioned the need to survey students on the issues they face, however Bauer also had initial ideas of where focus could be put prior to the results of said survey.

Altogether, the candidates are relatively evenly split across experience and ideas, however Bauer does appear to be edging Corley out with regards planning and UCD specific knowledge.