SU admits to misinformation regarding UCD Ball as negotiations reopen

Discussions are being reopened between UCD Students' Union and university authorities with regards to the recently cancelled UCD Ball.Ents Officer, Jonny Cosgrove, has admitted that the Union falsely claimed that there had been a security breach with regard to ticket sales. Cosgrove defended the Union's actions, claiming that had they informed students of the difficulties, it would have "destroyed all negotiations" with the university.Cosgrove admitted that he was just "trying to buy some time" and that there was no way for the tickets to be sold "on a safe basis" on Monday with the possibility of refunds a week later.Earlier in the week, Students’ Union President, Paul Lynam, told The University Observer that the UCD Ball would “100 per cent not take place on May 15th” if it was to be rescheduled, despite claims to the contrary.However, a university source, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed that the Ball would take place on that date. If it did, it would be the day after the semester two exams finish on May 14th. Buildings on campus would also be closed, which could potentially facilitate the prior agreement to close off campus for the event to go ahead.In their fortnightly column to be published in next week’s edition of O-two, Fight Like Apes claimed that they are set to play the UCD Ball, writing: “All going to plan, we will see you at the UCD Ball this month! I hope it’s very good. So far we’ve received nothing from any of you for our birthdays so if you have anything you’d like us to have please bring it to the Ball.”Fight Like Apes and college authorities were unable to be contacted to elaborate on this statement at the time the article was published.When asked if he was optimistic that the UCD Ball would be rescheduled, Lynam said the SU’s “position hadn’t changed” and that they would “continue to campaign” in an attempt to convince the university to agree to a rescheduled date.UCDSU’s campaign to save the Ball has garnered widespread support in recent days, with celebrities such as Miriam O’Callaghan and Tripod Guy voicing their support for the initiative.