Style Guide: Spring 2017

Adam Lawler tells you how to look fresh and hopeful for the spring season of 2017.[br]IT’S officially spring -- or thereabouts taking global warming into account -- and it is now time for rejuvenation and fresh-starts. We’re not saying that you should completely rehaul your wardrobe, but if it is full of Michael Kors and nothing else, then maybe it’s time. As spring has sprung, it is the time of year that is no better than to rejig your style and shed the weight of last year’s faux pas after 2016’s final curtain.Yes, we mean the heavy stuff – all of your chunky knits, parkas, fluffy socks and darkest colours should be firmly in stored away to make room for the lighter pieces, both in weight and colour. Down with dull and drab, up with fresh and zesty!
“Down with dull and drab, up with fresh and zesty!”
Spring is the transitional period, the time of year where we have the opportunity to start anew and reinvent ourselves. However while renovating your wardrobe remember that for the next few months we’re in for unpredictable weather forecasts, so layers are a must!Think light fabrics: cotton, poplin, merino, and other soft and supple materials. Patterns add much-needed colour to your outfit- think floral, paisley, camo, tattersall, flecked, and heathered, to name but pretty much all of them – but beware of overdose; no one wants to look like a peacock.In terms of shoes, avoid suede, which could be a disaster in the wet weather we’re likely to experience whether it be snow, hail or heavenly downpours. Try canvas shoes like Vans in light colours, or leather boots. Warm, durable and waterproof are keywords here.Alongside that, trench coats are our number one recommendation. They are light in fabric and colour, stylish, and versatile. The trench coat has been revamped with more length, slouchy shoulders and bigger buckles making these an even bigger must-have in these showery months.For a trendy and modern touch, experimenting with oversized fits can be risky but rewarding - not to mention comfortable. Absurdly long t-shirts, excessive layering, and strange silhouettes are all elements of the rebellious “anti-fit” movement.
“Remember that colour is a vital part of a spring wardrobe; it's a season of new life and vibrancy.”
The stark minimalism of the Scandinavian design is creeping into fashion and it could be well worth investing in some simple pieces with clean lines and monochromatic colour palettes. Grab those bomber jackets, sneakers, jeans and black and white t-shirts while they’re in stock. Just remember that colour should be a vital part of your spring wardrobe.Springtime in 2017 is all about that vibrancy and the colour! Your clothes can reflect this perfectly and correspond to the mood and shades of the season ahead. If all else fails pastels are your best friend. Pastel shirts, pastel blouses, pastel jumpers, pastel everything - well, not everything, or you’ll look like an Easter egg.As spring is balanced on the edge of winter and summer, balance is the key to your outfits. Balance pastels with reliable neutrals like grey, beige, and stone. Khaki is seeing a resurgence, which is good news as it’s so versatile, viable for professional looks or more of a street style flavour. Be bold and experiment with different styles and aesthetics, this is the season of new clothes, new foods, new life, new phone, who dis?