Students to lodge complaint over Pulse assault

TWO STUDENTS are to make formal complaints to the gardaí over what they claim was an assault by members of Pulse Security outside the Student Club on Monday, 2nd of February. First year Computer Science student, Gavin Hillick and first year Arts student Seán Claffey, purport that they were leaving the Student Club bar at 8.30pm when four members of Pulse Security grabbed them and repeatedly assaulted them.According to Mr Claffey, around ten or twelve members of Pulse Security surrounded the students, four of whom restrained and repeatedly punched and kicked them, resulting in significant bruising to Mr Claffey’s chest while Mr Hillick received swelling to the face.Mr Claffey explained, “I was in a bit of a fight outside the bar. I went back in to get my coat to leave, but when I came out, two security guards grabbed me and started pushing me and dragging me all around the place. Gav [Mr Hillick] came out after me and then loads of other security arrived and jumped on him as well.”Mr Hillick claims that when he emerged from the bar, he saw his friend being pushed by security personnel. As he attempted to break up the scuffle, he claims that he was punched in the face by one of the security guards.Manager of the Student Club, Declan Hyland, stated that members of Pulse Security were not asked by the Student Club to intervene in any incident that evening, saying “they weren’t working for me. Any of the ground staff wouldn’t take instructions from ourselves.” Mr Hyland refused to comment further, stating that the incident is “in the hands of the gardaí, however he did say that he would present security video footage to the gardaí if he was advised to.Reports of a similar altercation entered into by Pulse Security and a sound engineer outside the Student Club were made on Friday, 3rd October. At that time, over 100 complaints had been made against the security firm, who began operating in UCD in September 2008.The University Observer attempted to contact Pulse Security, but had not received comment at the time of going to print.