Students to be hit by transport fare hikes

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has announced that fares for all bus, train and Luas services will be increased over the next few weeks. Monthly and annual tickets on Bus Éireann, Dubln Bus, Iarnród Éireann and Luas tickets will see an increase in price from Friday November 1st onwards.Fares for other services, such as cash tickets, pre-paid tickets and Leap Cards, will see the increases come into effect on Sunday December 1st in an attempt to counteract the low levels of revenue public transport services are currently experiencing.Cash fares for Dublin Bus services will rise by as much as 25 cent per single-journey ticket, with all fares rising by at least 15 cent. The exact change in each fare will depend on the length of the journey, with longer journeys seeing a larger increase in price.A journey of 1-3 stages will see a rise from €1.65 to €1.80, while the cost of a journey of 4-7 stages is to increase from €2.15 to €2.35. Similarly, it will cost an extra 20 cent to travel between 7-13 stages, as the fare increases from €2.40 to €2.60. The new maximum fare, for journeys of more than 13 stages, is to rise above €3 for the first time, 25 cent from €2.80.Customers have been urged to purchase Leap Cards if they want to save money, as each Leap Card fare for Dublin Bus services has only been increased by 5 cent, with a journey of more than 13 stages now costing €2.50.Leap Card fare for the DART are also set to rise, with most zones costing 5 cent more than the current rates, with the exception of the shortest and longest journey zones, which will rise by 15 cent, and the second longest journey zone, which will rise by 10 cent.Cash fares for the DART have risen at a much higher rate than those on the Leap Card, with 15 cent representing the smallest increase, and 50 cent representing the largest.Luas prices have also gone up, although there is a €6.40 a day, or €23.50 a week, cap on an adult Leap Card. For student Leap Cards, which are embedded into the new Student Travel Card, the cap is set at €5 a day and €18 a week.The student short hop monthly ticket, for both Dublin Bus and Irish Rail, will increase from €108 to €119 as of Friday.