Students’ Centre making slow progress

Originally published in Volume III, Issue 1 on 30th September 1996 by Caroline Earley. Rumours that construction of the new Students’ Centre may be premature, as it is certain that centre is a long way off initiation stages. A meeting of the Students Centre Committee which took place on the 19th September decided that the next Buildings Committee meeting would discuss the actual site of the Centre and exactly what will go into it.According to Shane Fitzgerald the aim from there is to outline and present proposals at the Governing Body meeting on 8th December. Details, such as planning permission, will also be examined. It would appear that past efforts to begin construction of the Students’ Centre are, to a large extent, ineffectual.The recent process started last July and Fitzgerald hopes to see building begin during his term of office. The changes over of Students Union officers, however, has the effect of delaying progress on such projects. The earliest Fitzgerald envisages construction to begin is May 1997. This, he stresses, will only happen if there are absolutely no setbacks and if everything runs smoothly between all the committees. His reluctance to commit himself to any definite date for commencement is to be expected. Previous SU presidents believed they too would see the building under construction during their term in office. The refurbishment of the Bar, which cost £150,000, was the prelude to the development and marks the first stage in the process. The main reason for remodelling the bar was to ensure “students won’t be stuck with a makeshift bar for the next five years” in case of a halt to the Students’ Centre plans.