Student Tips: What to do before Semester 2

IN two weeks we’ll all be back in college. But before we all return to the haven of Belfield – here are some things you can do to make your transition back to into UCD life just that bit easier.[br]Check your semester 2 timetableMake sure that you are happy with your modules and timetable. If not, online registration reopens on Monday the 10th of January at 10am for all students on the Belfield campus. This is your opportunity to rearrange your timetable or modules for the next semester. The earlier you go online, the more likely it will be you can change your timetable. Online registration closes on the 31st of January at 5pm. Check your UCDconnect account and Blackboard.Module reading lists and outlines may already be published there and it’s good to know what is expected of you before you arrive on the first day – especially if a lecturer has asked you to bring a certain book or you need a laptop with you. Don’t buy your books!This may sound wrong but college books are expensive and sometimes there is a book on the book list that you don’t need to buy. Maybe only one chapter is used so you can split the costs with others, maybe there are lots of copies of it in the library. Unless you are sure that you’ll get enough use out of the book – don’t buy it yet. Know the important dates for your semester 2 and keep track of themYou can find the key dates for all students here: But you should also write down and keep track of any dates you know already (you’ll find some on the module outlines). Knowing when your first few assignments are due will help you start the semester on the right track. As you learn more dates for midterms and final essays write them down in the one place so you can always check when your next deadline is. Know where you are sleeping!If you are living at home, you can skip this step. For everyone else if you are living on campus and have any questions about where you will be living, fees or any other queries visit Arrive at your accommodation a day or two before the semester resumes, if you can, to unpack and settle back into the flow of things. Try something differentWas there a club or society you regret not joining in Freshers’ Week? Well a new semester means a new chance. Refreshers day this year will be on Tuesday, the 31st of January. All of UCD’s 50 clubs and 80 societies will be in the UCD Astra Hall all day accepting new members. Brace yourself for your provisional results!We get our provisional results for our modules from semester one on Wednesday the 25th. Even if you’re scared – check your results! You can’t do anything about your results if you don’t know what they are. If there is a result you don’t get or don’t understand contact your module coordinator. If you have any questions after that you can go to a student advisor or the SU education officer or convenors.