Student Tips: This is the reminder that your first assignment is due in soon!

EVERYONE procrastinates, it’s almost as if it’s a college entry requirement. But these tips will serve you well to get off your butt and into the library.[br]Write ListsFirst of all: Write lists! Daily ones, weekly ones, a full timetable plan or just a list of the assignments you have and the dates they’re due.This is extremely helpful because it puts in front of you everything the semester holds, and in reality, it isn’t as much as you think. If lists aren’t your thing set reminders throughout your calendar on your phone about assignments or projects that are coming up so your memory is constantly jogged. Office HoursOffice hours are there for a reason! Even if you’re not bothered to get to your lecturer, email them your questions so you can be shown in the right direction if you’re stuck with an essay or need clarification. While you have them at hand, use them! Make PlanWith any assignment, the best place to start is a plan. Write out the topic, question or title and write down the first few things that come to mind, where you want to take the assignment and any relevant texts that you need to include. This way you’ll be able to organise your thoughts about your work and be able to get to work in a much more ordered way. Even if you only start with your plan and leave it for a week you’re assignment is closer to being done than throwing it together last minute. ReassessFinally and most importantly, keep reassessing where you’re at and what needs to be done as the semester goes on so you don’t become buried under a pile of notes and deadlines.Don’t give up if you hit the ground running and then fall flat, everyone does and the thing that will separate you from those struggling to get a hold on the semester, is starting again with whatever system you’ve found that works for you.