Student fashion show to go on despite financial uncertainties

THE UCD Fashion Show is to be held in the RDS Simmonscourt in March, despite previous concerns that suffi cient funding would not be available. Auditor of the Arts Society (ArtsSoc), Jonny Cosgrove, who is organising the event in conjunction with the Fashion Show committee, was unable to confi rm the costs of the production of the show however he is confi dent that he will be able to secure the necessary sponsership.


Despite receiving little encouragement from financial backers before the Christmas break, Mr Cosgrove has recently noticed an upsurge in interest towards the show. “I am getting a lot more interest in the last few months. People are clicking that it is time for the UCD Fashion Show and they want to get involved.” However, Mr Cosgrove told The University Observer that no sponsor for the fashion show is as yet confi rmed. Despite the short time frame for organisation, Mr Cosgrove is confident that the fashion show can realistically take place. “As far as getting people involved, training them how to walk, six weeks will be enough time. Actually I think it will build up momentum for the event.”

Deputy Chair of the UCD Fashion Show, Mike Pat O’Donoghue also denied that there would not be sufficient time to organise the event. “When promotion starts before Christmas, the buzz dies down over the four weeks off. [With a shorter organisation time] you have a run up that leads to a crescendo.”

Explaining that ArtsSoc would not take full responsibility for the event, Mr Cosgrove stated that another organisation within the university were helping with the running of the event, making it easier for Arts’ Soc to produce the fashion show in such a limited timeframe. “We’re combining with something else which will bring the workload down.”

The financial burden of the fashion show will also be shared with the unnamed UCD group, with Mr O’Donoghue stating, “I don’t think any society could [independently run the fashion show]. For any show in the RDS, it costs €100,000 and then you have promotional expenses on top of that.”

Despite the fact that the UCD Fashion Show has incurred a fi nancial loss in previous years, Mr Cosgrove was confident that this would not be the case this year, saying “I wouldn’t be going ahead with it if I wasn’t confi dent that we would break even. There would be no point.”

Any profits from the fashion show will be donated to a so-far undetermined charity. “We haven’t decided on the charity, but I would like the charity to be linked to the student population.”