Songs To Listen To After Getting Dumped

The explosive cocktail of bitterness and resent from being dumped can transform us from harmonious creatures into frenzied shadows of our former selves. How many abusive midnight calls and drunken bar fights would have been saved if we had first listened to this playlist? ‘Fidelity’ - Regina SpektorFeeling depressed after the break up? Of course you are. But how lucky are we to have Spektor’s refreshing alternative pop to erode all our misery. Sit back and allow the combination of Regina’s buoyant piano and quirky voice give you a new lease of life.‘Broken’ - SeetherYour teen angst will find a home in the emotion of Broken, an acoustic duet by two metal heads. The emotion in Amy Lee’s voice shows the cracks in her relationship with Shaun Morgan. This song will strike a chord with just about anyone.‘Can’t Go Back’ - Primal ScreamStill clinging to the chance that you can get your relationship back on track? Then Gillespie’s mantra of “Can’t go back, I can’t go back” followed by the dark guitars may convince you otherwise.‘I Hate Everything About You’ - Three Days GraceInstead of breaking a plate in anger, listen to this. The thumping guitar contemplates the smashing vocals to leave your aggression lost in the fury of the song. If you fail to understand the explicit lyrics, contemplate being dumped by your fiancée of three years by text one day before the wedding and you’ll begin to understand Gontier’s anger.‘Wish You Well’ - Mick FlanneryFlannery’s songwriting ability will captivate your imagination as he deals with his affection towards his ex. The Cork man uses his acoustic guitar and raspy voice to describe how he “hit the bottle” after the end of his relationship. Many of us can relate to a fellow Irish man’s method of recovery following a difficult period.‘Dry Your Eyes' - The StreetsHandkerchiefs are recommended in this heartfelt account of Skinner’s mate and the breakdown of his relationship. Despite his irritating accent, he succeeds in rehabilitating broken hearts through his lyrics. In between sobs you’ll muffle to a mate how Skinner has epitomized your former relationship, not realising that thousands of others feel the same.‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ - The White StripesBe wary of this song, as the racket of melodic noise stemming from Jack’s guitar and Meg’s drums will captivate your feet and lead you to spring wildly among your friends. Dancing is a sure way to lift the spirits especially as White mourns to you about chasing an unrequited love in a humorous and blissful fashion.‘Smile’ - Lily AllenIf your secret desire is for a swarm of locusts to make life Hell for a cheating ex, you’ll find solace here. Although Smile doesn’t deal with revenge on an ex in such biblical terms as above, it does deal with Lily getting over an unfaithful lover. Her advice? Smile.‘She Hates Me’ - Puddle Of MuddAfter screwing up your own relationship? Then the grunge sound of ‘She Hates Me’ is for you. The blunt lyrics deal with Scantlin’s own break-up and his anger is obvious throughout the song. Although his songwriting ability may not be quite as poetic as Leonard Cohen, the despair and humour in his lyrics are sure to lighten your mood.Sean Finnan