Society moratorium to stay in place

The UCD Societies Council moratorium on new societies, implemented during the last academic year, will not be rescinded for an indefinite period of time.Chairman of the UCD Societies Council, Stephen Whelan, stated that “the action was taken in light of a number of concerns facing UCD societies, namely, limited space and resources.” When asked if many people had applied to set up new societies, Whelan said he was unsure of the exact number but didn’t believe that there were too many.Societies in UCD currently receive an annual donation from the Societies Council. The sum of money varies from society to society but is dependant on various factors including the number of members in the society and how active the society in question is.The current moratorium on societies will remain in place for indefinitely and will be reviewed at the end of the term. “The moratorium was discussed at length as the main agenda item at a meeting of the Societies Council,” said Whelan, “it was voted on and passed without opposition. It would be unfair on existing societies, and new societies that were set up if they were unable to perform due to existing restrictions. With that in mind it was agreed that a moratorium was, for the time being, in the best interests of UCD societies.”The University Observer understands that UCD Sports Clubs have also decided to take similar action.