Societies pass the torch to new auditors

As societies begin to elect auditors for the new term, Caitriona Logue
looks at the major society elections.

Commerce and Economics Society (C&E)
SECOND year Commerce student, Laura Arnold, has been named as the new auditor of C&E. Ms Arnold served as Vice-Treasurer for the C&E this year and felt that the society had a “brilliant” year and plans “to carry on the good work.” She hopes to make nightclub “even bigger… and more affordable”, yet Ms Arnold would like to organise “a lot more small events”, such as class parties. She also revealed that she will “bring back the C&E Ski trip.” No election was held for the position of auditor as Ms Arnold was uncontested when nominations closed on 31st March.

Drama Society (Dramsoc)
THIRD year English and Philosophy student, Nessa Matthews, has been elected as the 2009/2010 Dramsoc auditor. Ms Matthews said she has been a member of Dramsoc for three years, describing herself as having “pretty much lived down there [in Dramsoc’s subterranean theatre] for the last while.” Ms Matthews praised outgoing Auditor, Conor McKenna as having done a “fantastic job”. Next year, she plans to keep the “fun element that Conor brought back to the society” but also want to look at “challenging ourselves more and gaining confidence so that we can take risks.”

electionArts Society (Arts Soc)
THREE candidates are running for the position of auditor which is expected to take place tomorrow, 15th April. Second year Economics and Geography student, Brian Calinan says that, if elected, he will focus on “saving students’ money” in everyday aspects of the society while second year Philosophy and Geography student, Phil Ellison, plans to remove the appearance of a “clique” from the society. The final candidate, second year Sociology and Geography student, Niamh Kiely comments that she wants “to get a buzz going about getting involved.” All three nominees were disappointed that the Arts Ball was cancelled this year and ensuring the success of next year’s ball is a high priority for all candidates.

Literary and Historical Society (L&H)
SECOND year History and Politics student, Conor McAndrew, has been elected as the new auditor of L&H. Mr McAndrew, a former L&H Record Secretary, plans to “make it easier for people to get involved” with more accessible events, such as “non-competitive speaking workshops” and “lunchtime comedy debates.” His aim is to get students involved in the society, and in particular students who moved from home to come to UCD. Mr McAndrew feels that L&H has had a brilliant year and “bringing out the best guests” will remain “a major priority.” He also added that the possibility of a guest appearance by Daniel Craig “is looking positive” for next year. Law Society (Law Soc) THE NEWLY elected auditor of Law Soc is second year Law and History student, Conor O’Hanlon. As a current LawSoc committee member, Mr O’Hanlon has previously gained experience by organising the upcoming ‘Roebuck Week’. He feels that outgoing LawSoc auditor, Niall O’hUiginn, has “really left the society in a brilliant position” but hopes to make the society “a bit more accessible” and eliminate the “clique” image. Mr O’Hanlon wants to organise more varied events so that students can get involved “even if debating isn’t [their] thing.” He aims to secure a pool table in the Roebuck building as well as looking into the possibility of a LawSoc poker night.

Quinn Society (QSoc)
THE DEADLINE for the submission of QSoc auditor nominations has not yet been confirmed. Current auditor, Aisling Richards, could not name any nominees and expects the number of voters for a QSoc to be “fairly high… [as] there’s always a good turnout in the Quinn school.” Ms Richards could not confirm an election date until calls for nominations close.