Societies Column - LitSoc New Year's resolutions

Image Credit: Jaredd Craig

UCD English & Literary Society share their New Year's resolutions

UCD LitSoc is a space for students interested in reading and writing to find each other. Our society has bi-weekly writing workshops and monthly book clubs that we plan to continue in the New Year. Our workshops are open for writers of all levels, including those even remotely interested in writing and those who have written entire novels. 

Therefore, our first resolution for the New Year is to unlock the writer that we believe is within everyone, especially those who might not see it yet. We are acutely aware of the current political climate and we encourage people to use writing as an outlet for social activism. We also encourage writing as an outlet for expressing ourselves, especially at a time when staying silent seems like the simplest option.

We hope to expose students to various types of literature through our book clubs. We started the year with familiar classics, but UCD LitSoc plans to encourage members to read works by authors they may have never heard of before. Literature is a fantastic way to learn about new cultures, and understanding different cultures is key to fostering empathy. As such, our second New Year’s resolution is to promote literature by and about marginalised communities. We hope that our society will generate important conversations about today’s social climate in an informed and respectful manner.