Societies Column - Introduction to Draw Society

Introduction to Draw Society

Draw Society, the home of creative art in UCD, invites artists of all skill levels to express themselves. As it enters its eleventh session this year, the society offers we members a plethora of opportunities to explore various art mediums, develop their skills, and forge lifelong friendships. Draw Soc will provide all art supplies at the events; all members need to bring is their enthusiasm and creativity. We have a multitude of events planned for 2023-2024. Members can anticipate a range of activities, each one distinct from the last. The lineup features everything from cosy coffee mornings to chalk and clay art sessions, jewellery crafting, painting workshops, museum and field trips, pumpkin carving, origami workshops, and the beloved Bob Ross Thursdays. Draw Soc frequently collaborates with other amazing societies and clubs in UCD to cater to our members' other interests. 

The first month of university can be daunting, especially when it comes to making new friends. We recommend first-years to actively engage in clubs and societies, including leadership roles, to quickly build friendships and feel part of the vibrant UCD community. Keep an open mind and try out new opportunities whenever possible.

Hanna Biju,