Societies Column - History Society

Image Credit: Fabien Barral via Unsplash

Say Hi to the History Society

UCD History Society is a body that brings together those who enjoy the subject, as well as those who want to benefit from an amazing student experience while undertaking their degree. History Society at UCD emphasises the student life more than anything. We wish to allow students to meet a group of fantastic individuals who always make you feel welcomed and a member of the society. 

As a society, we involve ourselves with several events each year. These events can range from academic to student socials. Our academic events focus on various topics of history that are discussed in detail with guest lecturers. Speakers are usually fellow faculty of UCD school of history, specialising in new publications or research developments, other guest speakers include authors and teachers. 

On the social side of things, the history society proudly involves itself with many social events, including coffee mornings, movie nights, museum trips as well as our monthly pub quizzes! Coffee mornings allow for students to meet one another over a lovely cuppa, while our movie nights prioritise films with historical relevance and some easy entertainment. Museum trips take our members all over Dublin city as we showcase the physical history that lies within each corner of the city, and the artefacts that help to preserve it.

Our pub quizzes are the core of the society's social events, bringing everyone together to compete for a collection of prizes. Pub quizzes are our biggest events, with monthly quizzes, aiming to allow for more winners and for new members to meet others in the society also. If you’re looking for an entry event into the history society, no better way to start then with a pub quiz!

Finally, every year the society partakes on two trips, one domestic and one international. Usually, the domestic trip takes place in the first semester, while the international trip takes place in the second. These trips focus on a particular aspect of history that is highlighted by the destination. For instance, the society has previously visited both Belfast and Galway for the domestic trip, while going to Rome and Berlin for international ones. The history society trips are always a brilliant part of the student experience and are memorable for all involved. 

The history society is an excellent place to meet some incredible people and to involve yourself with the student life in UCD. The history society always welcomes new members and would love for you to come along, we hope to see you at an event soon!