Societies Column - GerSoc New Year's resolutions

Image Credit: Christian Lue via Unsplash

UCD German Society share their New Year's resolutions

The German Society has three main New Year Resolutions: to dance, learn and rest. 

Firstly, we want to dance techno like never before. You have probably heard of the Berghain, one of the world’s most famous clubs and the world capital of techno in Berlin; the toilets have no mirrors, and no photos are allowed, but their door policy is also notorious for being really strict. We want to again reproduce that vibe, but the difference would be that everybody would be welcome to our Berghain! 

Then we would want to experience more culture, art and language of one of the German speaking countries. Obviously, it would be hard to do it in Dublin, so we would have to plan a cultural trip during reading week of the 2nd semester if enough people would be interested.

Lastly, and this is our future self talking, we will drink less beer to recover from our Oktoberfest, which we call Novemberfest and will take place on the 22nd of the month. Oktoberfest traditionally takes place every September in München, and we made it a tradition to hold it in another month and confuse everybody. We all had a good time, yet the alcohol consumption is now urging us to rest now. 

Join us at any point to experience these New Year Resolutions with us, the German Society!