Societies Column - English & Literary Society

Image Credit: Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash

Reflecting on my First Semester with LitSoc...

There are so many different societies to choose from as a first-year student starting out in UCD, not to mention those further along on their college journey who just want to try something new. As an incoming English with Creative Writing student, I had heard of UCD’s English and Literary Society. Given my chosen course, and the love of literature that naturally comes with that, I had a feeling that LitSoc might be for me, so I joined it, along with some other societies and I am so happy that I did. It is the only committee I have joined so far and am currently an O.C.M. Again, that was a good decision, as our committee, as well as the society more generally, are a really lovely group of like-minded people, who I feel I have already gotten to know in a way that is really special for someone just getting to know people in such a big university. I have gone on a bookshop crawl, visited the Heaney exhibition in town, gone to see a play about Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, enjoyed some fun prompts at a writing workshop as well as interesting discussions at our book club. I’ve even played a few games of Mafia at our coffee mornings. As you can see, we are a very active society, which usually offers more than one exciting event a week. 

There really is something for everyone at LitSoc; at our Book Club last semester we discussed everything from horror classics to hauntingly beautiful Palestinian poetry. Everyone is welcome, no matter what they like to read or write. I would particularly like to emphasise that our writing workshops cater for all levels. Feel free to join us whether you are an aspiring novelist, or simply looking to try something different and fun. For all the bookworms on campus: no matter what genres you enjoy, whether you’re in first year, or working on your PhD, you will feel so at home with UCD LitSoc, I know I do. I promise you won’t regret becoming a member. It is an amazing choice if you want to try something new and make some friends. If you aren’t already a member, we hope to see you soon for a brand-new semester. I’m confident that it will be just as memorable, if not more so, than the first. 

To keep up with our events, make sure to follow us on Instagram at UCD LitSoc. We also have a Discord channel. A new link is sent out for that in every weekly email, written by our amazing secretary Chloe.