Soapbox: Anti Maskers, Anti-Lockdowners, Anti-Vaxxers and the Government

Image Credit: Laoise Tarrant

E. Keogh discusses their frustrations with anti-mask customers, and more.

I really wish I could swear in this article because my God, anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers and anti lockdown heads are actually so silly. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer debate with them, I just let them run their course until they’ll inevitably loop back onto their argument and disagree with themselves. 

This one customer always comes into me every week when we were open before this lockdown, and every time he’d come in and spout the same “facts” he always does. He’d go on about how the government managed everything so poorly, which I agreed with, then he’d say how he disagreed that they were forcing everyone to take a vaccine with God knows what in it, like microchips and whatsoever else, and how the government shouldn’t control us, we should control them. He also likes the phrase 'herd immunity.'

The guy vapes. He’s taking a minimum wage worker’s word on vape not doing him harm. The only thing I know about vape is that the particular brand of vapes is of low quality. So it's probably not too good for his lungs. As for herd immunity, that’s literally what a vaccine does. It establishes herd immunity by forcing the body to produce antibodies against Covid... without actually having to catch the virus? That’s the whole point, you don’t want to catch get vaccinated? He said he had the flu jab, but only because it wasn’t forced, and said if it wasn’t forced on him he’d probably get it. Sorry, I thought I was meant to be reliving my emo phase, sounds like you’re the one who doesn't want to listen to the grown-ups.

Well, I sleep like a baby at night knowing who he voted for, and that he along with lots of other people are why the government, who can't even get RTÉ Player to work, are the ones making decisions on our behalf. Like, come on, you’re talking about the government who can barely remember which one of the two members of the two-and-a-bit system is Taoiseach. The same government who instead of pulling a New Zealand zero-tolerance COVID policy, decided to confuse the hell out of everyone with their “2 and a bit” lockdown. then their level 5 Lite for Christmas, their level 5 plus after New Years, and Level 5 pro now. 

Government of Ireland, I beg you to give me and the rest of this country the level 5 pro XL max that we desperately want. You’re not paying me enough to get the newest iPhone, hell you’re barely paying me enough to pay my bills. The least they can do is give us a big oul’ lockdown so that I can go see My Chemical Romance. But no, the repeated efforts of people against lockdown and masks will make sure that’s cancelled again. These people really want to have a big cry over a bit of cloth on their faces. If you don't abide by medical guidelines to save people, at least do it for my thirteen-year-old self?