No hipster Trinity English student is going to tell Natalie Voorheis that her degree is inferior to theirsRecently, in my local, I got chatting to a guy whose nan’s sister’s grandchild was a neighbour before I could walk or talk. Having one of those textbook awkward conversations, which happen with people you don’t know but are obliged to be polite to, he mentioned he was in English at Trinity.Blessing God that we finally had the makings of a relatively bearable conversation, I explained that I was also studying English, but in UCD. While opening my mouth to clarify that I am, in fact, a joint major Arts student, he cut across me and vehemently launched into a tirade against all things Arts. He pontificated at length about how awful it was for me in UCD where, shock horror, they have the straight English students mixed in with those taking English through general Arts.The inclusion of these “yobs,” he told me, was “such a drag,” before explaining how it was devastating to the standard of my education. Presumptuously, he extended a hand of sympathy to me for my situation, a hand which, all things considered, he was lucky he didn’t get chopped off.Any Trinity Arts student worth their salt, for example, would have you believe that a culchie has never set foot on their campus. They’ll also tell you that there is a special magnet in the Arts building that keeps them grounded out there. Similarly, UCD Arts students continually wonder about the strange subsection of people with bad eyesight that have sprung up in Trinity, requiring all those black-rimmed oversized glasses.If you’re not a hipster, D4 or culchie, you’re something else which an Arts student somewhere will no doubt find a derogatory term for. Trinity and UCD Arts students can barely mingle anymore, so intense are their opinions of each other. For a group of students in third-level education, we seem to be unable to apply even the most basic powers of rational thought with regard to each other.But whatever about these stereotypes; let no one insult the validity of my college education. The guy in the pub and so many Trinity students I have encountered are of the opinion that their arts courses are fundamentally of greater educational merit than ours.The facts are that single major degrees are Arts and that we all leave college after 120 hard-won credits with a BA in our respective fields. We are equal. Your accent, what you wear or where you party will never have the power to change this, so take off those stupid glasses and see the truth, Trinity.