Alright you got me. I’ll hold my hands up and admit when I’m wrong. Although two of the games follow the overall plot that I had laid out in my head, they meandered a bit on their way to an eventual conclusion. Looking back, all fixtures had a shock or two that most of us may not have seen coming.

Wales 19-26 England

So it appears that Martin Johnson seems to have finally put the all the jigsaw pieces (or those that are not injured) together. His critics from the start will have to eat their words at the moment after he led England to their first victory in Cardiff for seven years.

England didn’t receive enough credit for their Friday night win. Key injuries to their pack and facing a Welsh backline that was at full strength, not enough praise was lavished on Toby Flood and Ben Youngs for mastering the game. It appears England are peaking yet again just in the lead up to a World Cup.

Italy 11-13 Ireland

Nothing to see here, move along. Irish side at the top of their game gave the Italian thugs a lesson in champagne rugby for about four seconds and then proceeded to struggle for the other 79 minutes 56 seconds.

Neither side deserved to win this bout. Ireland (Gordon D’Arcy) squandered possession on numerous occasions and struggled to overcome the raw physical power Italy demonstrated in the scrum. And although Italy bossed some key areas of the game, they still failed to make that count for anything.

France 34-21 Scotland

Three minutes into the game it appeared a no contest. France had already cracked out the champagne and sprayed it into the faces of Scotland when Rougerie and Medard combined well, but then Scotland scored. And even though France kept scoring tries, Scotland did as well for some reason.

Well it didn’t ruin the party that much. France still eloquently flashed some passes and principally Francois Trinh Duc chipped some delicate kicks. Still, if Scotland can score three tries against France, what’s stopping Ireland doing the same in Dublin?

Weekly awards

Beard of the week

The Super Bowl threw up a few doozies not only beards of the weekend, but beards of the century. However, this is a strictly Anglo-Irish-Brioche competition so no Americans are allowed. Morgan Parra (not Chabal) gets the Beard of the Weekend award this week for effort. He’s trying really hard, but can’t shake off that stubble look.

Fantasy Player of the week

It’s a no brainer this week. Chris Aston with a dazzling two try performance against Wales was clearly the best player to kick start any fantasy team’s season. No doubt there will be more to follow, so sign him up if you haven’t already.

Best Morgan Stoddart look alike

This weeks Morgan Stoddart lookalike of the week is, Morgan Stoddart. He made a great start to the campaign when he linked well with fellow Scarlets teammate, Jonathan Davies, to score a neatly worked try that brought Wales back into the game.

Best French name

With a whopping seven syllables (by my count), Francois Trinh Duc’s name sounds awesome and his skill set compliments his amazing French name. Adding to that, his sleak look just seems to personify his entire game.