Single-semester students to be refunded half of fees


STUDENTS who are repeating modules this semester are to be refunded half of their registration fee. The measure, which was originally planned for September 2009, has come into effect now and will apply to those who are repeating modules in one semester.

Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer, Paul Lynam, described the development as “a progressive move”, adding that this will ease the financial burden on those repeating. “This is definitely a welcome move,” said Mr Lynam. “This is a saving of €450 for a lot of students who are repeating just one module.”


Mr Lynam said that the new development ensured a fairer deal for students, while criticising the previous system and calling it “inequitable”. Mr Lynam argued that the original fees could not be justified to students. “Everybody must accept that €900 plus €150 plus €220 for just one module is just outrageous and unfair so this is definitely something on the bright side”.

He argued that charging the full fee “was ridiculous”, adding that “if you repeat one module after your three year degree, you’re paying the registration fee, [student centre] levy plus €220 for the repeat fee, you’re looking at a cost of €1,270… [the new measure] is definitely one of the things that I have achieved that I am happiest about.”

Mr Lynam confirmed that all students who are affected by this development have been informed about the refund, including those who have yet to pay their fees. Director of Administrative Services, Michael Sinnott, worked with Mr Lynam to help bring about the measures as soon as possible.

The registration fee, which rose by €75 this year for all students attending university, will increase by a further €600 for the academic year starting 2009, due to changes in the 2008 Budget.

The increase in registration fee, from €950 to €1,500, would have meant that students repeating modules in both semesters could have otherwise had to pay up to €2,000 in fees.