Show Patrol: September 23rd, 2008

Gig of the fortnightSnoop DoggRDS Simmonscourt - September 24th - €53Mr Cordozar Calvin Broadus was probably right to get a stage name. The Dogfather, Snoop Dogg, opens up a can of whoop ass on your ass when he rolls into the RDS Simmonscourt supported by fellow hip-to-the-hoppers, Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. It is easy to approach one of the founders of the obnoxious, commercial American rap scene with cynisim, however, since his 2005 appearance at Oxegen, the rapper has found a wider audience of Irish appreciation. Playing up to his own stereotype, with his soft-spoken rhymes and quirky beats, his live performances entertain music fans amass.British Sea PowerCyprus Avenue - September 28th - €25In an era of skinny jeans, skinny ties and quirky-electro riffs, British Sea Power provide a sturdy, yet innovative rock show. Since the 2003 release of The Decline British Sea Power, critical acclaim for the band has risen extensively and as the 2008 release of Do You Like Rock Music? continues to generate waves of attention, British Sea Power appear to be far from decline. The gig promises to showcase some of the band's eccentric behaviour, but be careful if you are near the front. The keyboardist recently knocked himself unconscious with a botched stage dive. If he comes near you, for the love of God, catch him!O’DeathWhelan’s -September 25th -€15Considering the constant search for a musical new departure, it is surprising that O’Death are not better known. They are described for simplicity as a ‘Gothic folk band’ but O’Death encompasses so much more than that. Plucking from a wealth of musical influences, such as bluegrass, grunge, jazz and punk, the band produce a heavy, tense and captivaing curtain of sound with the strachy lead vocals of Greg Jamie conjouring up images of a talking scare-crow on Halloween night. The amalgamation of these sounds live on stage should be outstanding. This performance is unmissable for music fans who want something different.Crystal CastlesThe Academy - October 1st - €21Crystal Castles were one of the festival highlights of the summer, with fans mesmorised by the electro-beats, futuristic robots sounds and wild crowds. The Canadian, multi-instrumentalist Ethan Kath and singer Alice Glass will take to the stage of The Academy for what promises to be a messy, but very fun night. Having mixed the likes of Hot Chip and the Klaxons, Crystal Castles have been marked with the leper-like tag of Nu-Ravers- the horror! Expect a lot of asymmetrical fringes, statement clothing and Eighties dance moves, but don’t let that put you off. Crystal Castles are what nu rave aspired and failed to be.Art GarfunkelVicar Street - October 3rd and 4th - €59.80Simon and Garfunkel were a musical duo that defined the late-sixties. Tracks like ‘America’, ‘The Sound Of Silence’, ‘The Boxer’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘Scarbourough Fair’ were the soundtrack to a generation filled with hope but faced with disillusionment. Art Garkunkel undoubtedly had a solid base to a career that spawned eleven albums, many Grammy awards and nominees and critical success. His voice has not been hampered by the decades of performing and the powerful poignancy of his new material illustrates that his title of a ‘music legend’ is well deserved. An extra date was added due to popular demand, so get your tickets quick.