Monday evening marked the deadline for all candidates in this year’s Students’ Union elections. We spoke to Sharon Ryan and Dannii Curtis, the two candidates running for the position of Education Officer. We talked to them about their experience and reasons for running. [hr]

Dannii Curtis
Course: Graduand Politics and International Relations
Experience: Residences Rep. Active in Arts Society, Law Society, PleaseTalk, and Welfare Crew

“I did first year over a year and a half in UCD and it would have been the Education Officer,teamed with the Welfare Officer, that would have got me through that year, so I have garnered a lot of respect for what the education officer does.”






Sharon Ryan

Course: 5th Year Medicine

Experience: Secretary, Musical Society

“I would like to help people have as easy of a progression through UCD with their education as possible and to help solve any personal problems or bigger issues such as libraries.”