Senses & Their Impact: Taste

Image Credit: Unsplash

Travel Editor Colleen McShane guides us through the senses the unique city of Prague evokes.

Of all the five senses, taste appears to have the most impact on travel connoisseurs perhaps because food embodies all five senses. If there’s anything that Muckbang ASMRs have taught me, it’s that we can eat with our noses, ears, our eyes and especially our hands. 

In 2019, I travelled to the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, and my senses were impacted in so many different ways. Now again, the architecture comes back to me and the images of the building flash across my mind. But these images never come alone ; the fresh scent of hov?zí guláš is still embedded in my nose four years later, the sound of traditional Czech folk music still rings in my ears, and the feeling of crumbling sandstone stuck to my fingertips lingers on. In matters of taste however, Prague challenged my sense of taste when I discovered a  unique fifty gram sugar-free Steiner & Kovarik chocolate bar that I’ll likely never forget or manage to replicate. The bar was unique in the way it combined a rich texture and bold cocoa flavour. 


The mere sight of my Steiner & Kovarik chocolate bar transports me back to a sweaty vacation and errant vacation with my mother where we hoped that splitting a chocolate bar would provide us with enough energy to walk to our next hotspot destination. 

Unfortunately, there are currently no signs of that chocolate bar in Steiner & Kovarik, nor do other products have such picturesque packaging anymore. For this reason, my fleeting chocolate bar becomes all the more important and the senses it evokes in me reach me  every time I see its leftovers on my wall.