School of Mathematics moved off campus

UCD’s School of Mathematical Sciences was relocated to the Radio House in Belfield Office Park on Beaver Row on September 23rd.Head of the School, Dr Patrick Murphy, deemed the facilities in the new location comparable to those in the Science Hub, where the School was originally located, despite initial “teething problems with telephone and computer connections, and with cleaning”.Lecturers from the School of Mathematical Sciences deliver lectures in all of the buildings on campus, though none in Belfield Office Park, thus necessitating a movement between the two locations every time a lecture needs to be delivered. “The average commuting time appears to be approximately twenty minutes each way and this clearly introduces a disruption into our working day,” stated Dr Murphy.Due to a swipe card system operating in the new location, undergraduate students do not have access to the building. This problem has been managed by reserving a seminar and teaching room in the Agricultural Science Building, as well as meeting students by appointment on the top floor of the library, which is where the school office has been relocated.“In the short term this obviously leads to inconvenience but we hope in the long term that this will lead to a better school with far superior facilities”.The school is expected to move back to Science Centre North in September 2013 once it is redeveloped.